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Bruce Outridge Productions

Bruce Outridge Productions offers a variety of services from custom illustration and design services to live caricature events, logo design, film & animation work, transportation truck art, web and graphic design, art instruction, advertising and editorial illustration, motivational speaking, and business consulting for artists.


Bruce Outridge Productions also publishes all works by Author artist Bruce Outridge.  The collection includes The Pride Junkie Comic Series, the Highway Blues Cartoon Strip Series, Bears & Knuckles , Hammer Down 1 & 2, Running by The Mile, How to Start an Artistic Business, and Driven to Drive. For more information and to view sample work please visit the website for Bruce Outridge Productions www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com

In 2003 we opened Bruce Outridge Productions as a part time business offering landscapes, animal portraits, etc for local clients. In 2006 we took the business full time incorporating a number of services from illustration, and art instruction to web design and more. Since then we have created the Pride Junkie Comic Series for kids, The Highway Blues Cartoon Series for the transportation industry and been a regular player for the transportation industry in advertising and illustration. In 2008 we focused the illustration business on cartooning and caricatures in order to focus our business even more. Since then we have expanded to video production, podcast production, speaking, and more. New products and services are always being developed and we will remain a staple in the illustration industry as a cartoonist, designer, consultant, podcast host, and speaker.

Check out the website, samples, and more information at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com


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